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Private Yoga Session Series

What better way to strengthen your practice than to practice it your way?

Yoga Your Way is four private, personalized classes with 2-5 students, for $25 each. 

It is time to shift with the times and bring the community together in new, unique ways. We hope this further allows you to be able to enjoy your practice and come together with your family and friends.

All classes must be paid in advance. 


In-person classes are currently located at the VELVET MILL. Access the sign up link via Punchpass!

To access our live-streamed Zoom classes:

  1. Register for the class              . (you will be redirected to Punchpass)

  2.  You can use your class pass or purchase a pass by clicking "Purchase a Pass Online".

  3. The other option for payment is through Paypal to Tamsy: tamsy.hsy@gmail.com

  4. You will receive an email with the link to join the live stream class.

Thank you!! We appreciate your dedication to your practice ​and to our community at High Street.


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