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Private Yoga Session Series


I want to share that I have been enjoying my new passion, "Yoga Your Way". Over the past almost two decades, I have been immersed in teaching Baptiste Power Yoga, to crowded, hot rooms. The experience and learning, that I have received, thus far, has only made my love of the practice grow even deeper.


As the pandemic has greatly shifted how we all need to live to keep each other safe and healthy, it was imperative to shift my 2020 vision of how to share yoga and be in service to community.


Yoga is far greater than just an asana practice. It is an energetic conversation between our body and self. Yoga teaches you trust in yourself, confidence, forgiveness and acceptance.


"Yoga Your Way" is by design, meant to be a practice in which the student is listened to, modifications are not seen as limitations and questions are what keep the lessons inspiring.


It has been just about a month that I have started this personalized, adaptive practice to small groups of people, who have reached out to me, to do so.


In a world of absolute, unfathomable heartache, division, "dis-ease" not only in the sense of physical well being, but as an entire planet; I have taken such joy and elation in seeing the students that have personally shared their practice with me.


The words, "I don't do yoga," are far from unfamiliar to me. In fact, these are the words of the students that I have been working with in my new approach to sharing, "Yoga Your Way", with.


This is a new start, a fresh approach to the reality that yoga is far more than being in a crowded room, or having to modify your studio to comply with whatever "phase" of covid-19 your state is in. I do follow social distancing and all that it entails to keep safe.


The difference is the service that "Yoga Your Way" puts you in the driver's seat for a true power yoga lesson. The absolute power that is our ability to have choice, to be happy, enjoy good health and be strong together.


"Yoga Your Way" keeps giving and all we have to do is ask. I can come to you, or have a wonderful patio set up outside at home to practice on. Groups no more than 5 students is requested and each session is $25.00 per person.


For those of you who live out of state, I can provide "Yoga Your Way" via ZOOM. Lessons are by reservation and it is required to commit to 4 sessions up front. 


The future is unstable and unpredictable. For right now, "Yoga Your Way," makes sense to me, You can count on my high standard, to provide. Come as you are, there are no limitations on what we can do, only on what we say we cannot.


With great love and appreciation, be well & keep on keeping love and passion alive, it's your for the asking!

If you have an interest, please email me direct at 




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