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High Five dollar

Never too late to start or begin again! The HSY community class is $5 cash only perfect for everyone. Learn basic postures & breath. Seasoned yogi; time to break pattern cycles, and step it up a notch. The added support of blocks & straps supports all students, especially those working with injury.

1 hr

All Levels Vinyasa

A proven vinyasa sequence that is safe for brand new to yoga and yoga devotees. You will build strength, flexibility, balance and increase metabolism. Be ready to sweat and have fun!

1 hr. 15 min.

Baptiste Power Yoga

Time to bring break through to a new you! This energetic practice is based on Baron Baptiste’s, “Journey into Power” sequence. Attention is focused on breath, alignment & possibility. The format is required to be taught by Baptiste Power Vinyasa certified instructors. The class is appropriate for all levels and have time tested results. 

1 hr. 15 min.

Power Down

This class is a perfect compliment to refresh and rejuvenate at the end of the day. A fun, interactive, laid back class designed to give you the time and support to realign your body, mind and spirit.

1 hr


SUNDAY 5:30 to 6:15pm

Gentle vinyasa, breath techniques and meditation practices.  The class is a start for all students who want to expand their understanding of yoga & its benefits. (room temp is 75 to 80 degrees)


No experience needed.

Reggae Power

Reggae Power is an all-levels, feel-good flow, set to a fun and upbeat Reggae playlist. Experience the positive vibration in your yoga practice, uniting mind, body, and spirit. You will leave class feeling high on life! 


1 hr.

Gentle Flow (Warm Room)

A must for newbies & the seasoned student! A mindful, gentle, class set to soothing tunes. This introspective practice, gives you the opportunity to move energy, release stress, and tension in your body and mind. You will leave relaxed, renewed and refreshed, every time!


1 hr 15 min


A moving meditation. This workshop class begins with gentle breathing, grounding exercises and an introduction to movements designed to awaken and balance energy in the chakra system. This will be followed by a free spirited dance session, with the intention of clearing stuck energy through authentic, individual expression. No prior dance or yoga experience is required. Let's dance!


1hr 15 min

Happy Hour w/Music

Step out of your busy day, and onto your yoga mat. The class is set to music and offers the space to tune in, catch a positive vibe and leave with an attitude of gratitude!

1 hr


A Spirited 60 minutes flow to music with an emphasis on abs, muscle definition & core strength

1 hr.



A balance of steady, flow and deep stretching. Work from a consistent foundation of core, rhythm and deep breathing to build strength and lengthen muscle. The class is appropriate for all students. Especially students working with injury. This class is especially shoulder & hip friendly.


SATURDAY 5:30-6:30pm


An apres’ evening power vinyasa class that will pump rhythm, connection, and timing into your body & soul. This class will make you a “yes” to be happy, fit & confident.


1hr 15 min

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